A platform for film scholars and enthusiast to partake in discussions about ongoing research in Asian Cinema issues

Our Research

Through seminars and discussions, the Asian Cinema Research Lab aims to engage professionals and enthusiasts alike in ongoing discussions regarding issues in Asian Cinema. Through the Asian Cinema Seminar Series and ACR Lab’s work in progress seminar, we hope to encourage more individuals to learn more and venture into the world of Asian Cinema Rssearch

Book Talks

Get first hand insight on books and publications written by our core members and overseas collaborators. Through these book talks, we will interact and discuss different issues in Asian Cinema studies. 

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Seminar Series

Get acquainted with and discuss the ongoing research conducted by the ACR Lab core members, overseas collaborators, and invited guests.

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Work in Progress

The purpose of WiP is to allow members of the lab an opportunity to present the material they are working on to each other and to overseas collaborators.

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Our current initiative is Asian Cinema and Broadcast Research Cluster’s multi-year research project: Transnational Networks of Singapore Cinema and Digital Media.

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