From September 2021 to November 2022, this webinar series presents nine seminars showcasing cutting-edge research on East Asia’s media and creative industries. Reflecting upon the history, media platform, technological infrastructure and related policy in Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, nine distinguished speakers address a wide range of subjects, including the impact of China’s national policy on Hong Kong’s creative industries, the history of Japan’s streaming services, the role of the state in Korea’s creative industries, forms and sources of value in Taiwan’s engagement in the international art toy scene, and the ongoing battle of data security between China and the US, among others. Overall, they offer insights into the latest developments and robust dynamics concerning the media and creative industries in the East Asian region from multiple perspectives.


Grace Leung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Marc Steinberg (Concordia University), Peichi Chung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Lee Gyu-Tag (George Mason University Korea), Wesley Jacks (Lingnan University), Hye-Kyung Lee (King’s College London), Aynne Kokas (University of Virginia), Nobuko Kawashima (Doshisha University), and Teri Silvio (Academia Sinica)

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