Ella Raidel


Ella Raidel, Ph.D., is a filmmaker, artist and researcher and Asst. Professor at NTU in a joint appointment between ADM and WKWSCI. In her interdisciplinary works – films, videos, research and discourses – she focuses on the socio-cultural aspects of globalization, urbanization and the representation of images. Her hybrid practice is to create a discursive space for filmmaking, art and research.


In recent years, she has been concerned with China’s unprecedented growth and rapid urban changes, in experimenting with new documentary modes, narrations and methods. In her latest research project Of Haunted Spaces (funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF), she is developing an essay film on Chinese host cities. This film project follows her film-making on urban scapes effected by the consequences of global capitalism, such as SUBVERSES China in Mozambique (2011) on infrastructure investments in Africa or Double Happiness (2014) about the clone of an Austrian village in China.


Raidel’s works has participated in international biennials, exhibitions, conferences, and presented at numerous International film festivals, among those IFFR International Film Festival Rotterdam, CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, DOK Leipzig, Hot Docs Canada, and Chicago International Film Festival.


She lived in Taiwan for more than 15 years and focused her writings on Asian cinema, Taiwan New Wave cinema and Chinese Independent cinema, and she publicized extensively on the director Tsai Ming-Liang. As a postdoctoral research fellow at Academia Sinica Taipei (2013/14), Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, she co-organized a conference and co-edited with Prof. Peng Hsiao-yen The Politics of Memory in Sinophone Cinema and Image Culture. Altering Archives. published at Routledge Contemporary China Series (London, New York: 2019). She co-curated with Marc Gloede the film program for the Trinh T. Minh-ha Solo show at NTUCCA (2020/21), and co-organized a joint conference with NTU and King’s College London There is No such a thing as documentary (February 2021).


Prior to her joint appointment at NTU, Ella Raidel was an Elise Richter PEEK senior post-doc fellow at Art University Linz, Austria (2016-2019).


1. Performing Reality: An Art-based Research in the Performative Documentary Filmmaking of East and Southeast Asia


2. Play Life: The Performative Documentary Filmmaking as the Discourse of Our Times, including its history, aesthetic endeavours, the researcher’s artistic practice, and the critical relation to the times of Anthropocene.


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