Liew Kai Khiun


I am a scholar in the field of Cultural Studies undertaking academic research for close to two decades on transnational popular culture flows between East and Southeast Asia, that includes the Korean Wave, where I am one of the pioneering generation of scholars. My other areas of research include that of Transmedia development in Asia as well as Media and Culture in Singapore. Prior to my current engagement in the areas of business development, I have served in various academic roles as a Postdoctoral and Teaching Fellow at the National University of Singapore, and an Assistant Professor at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at the Nanyang Technological University. My tertiary educational background includes: National University of Singapore (B.A. Hons 2 Upper; MA) and University College London (PhD).

My research plans in the next few years include the following: cinematic documentation and archiving as part of urban archaeological studies, Korean pop dance and space, as well as completing a book project on Heritage of Shopping Centres in Singapore that includes cinematic spaces and malls.


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